If I’d Been in Her Shoes…

Last weekend, coming out of the mall, we witnessed live comedy in action. Two girls waddled out of a department store, laughing and carrying stacks of shoeboxes. They seemed genuinely surprised when a mall cop stopped them at the door.

“Just put the stuff back and you can go,” he said, which I thought was more than generous. One of the girls sheepishly went back inside to return the shoes, but the other one got belligerent, argued, and told the cop if he thought she was shoplifting then he could take the shoes and, uh, put them back himself. He gets out the handcuffs. Swearing and struggling, she’s hauled away.

I can’t help wondering how she thought that was going to end–with the cop saying, “I like a girl with spirit!” and asking her to the prom?


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