Calling All Zombies

Ghouls, revenants, and re-animated corpses of all ages and species: It’s time for the 5th annual Pojoaque Zombie Walk! The dead are invited to rise at the Pojoaque Supermarket at 5:00pm Saturday, Oct. 24, and start shambling toward Kokoman Fine Wine and Liquor (about 1/2 mile) at 6:00pm. This is a family fun event, so … More Calling All Zombies

Ouija, Ouija

I was attending Texas Tech in that hotbed of paranormal activity that is Lubbock. A group of us, as bored then as I am now, got a Ouija board and plied it with questions like, “When will I lose my virginity, and who with?” I took my turn, concluded it was lame, and therefore was … More Ouija, Ouija